INCLUSION is the ideal place to be seen by HR, L&D & D&I professionals from Europe & North America and all over the world.

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Why partner with us?

INCLUSION is Diversity Network’s flagship annual conference and exhibition.

At INCLUSION each year, thousands of D&I, HR and L&D experts from 85+ countries across the world congregate together online to learn, share D&I best practice, network, foster allies, improve recruitment, increase traction, improve employee engagement and further staff retention.

Hosted in a dedicated online portal over 3 days, attendees can meet each other and discover new ideas and practical strategies to implement equality, diversity & inclusion initiatives within their own organisations and bring about lasting change.

The event features many high-profile speakers from leading D&I focused corporations around the world, as well as detailed case studies from people on the ground at the forefront of change.



Attendees have the opportunity to connect with key companies operating in the D&I sphere through an interactive online exhibition, online masterclasses, seminars and workshops, as well as mentor-matching sessions and hosted networking meetups.

We can help you raise your visibility and connect with your target audience.

  1. Put your company in front of hundreds of global organisations and diverse talent.
  2. Broadcast your support for equality, diversity & inclusion, and position your company as a leader in this space.
  3. Connect with thought leaders, global organisations and ambitious professionals.
  4. Take part in virtual events that bring together hundreds of C-suite and senior executives to share best practice and practical strategies to increase diversity and inclusion in the workforce.
  5. Provide your staff with year-round opportunities to network, learn and develop.

Join the movement for change.

At Diversity Network, we believe passionately in equality, diversity and inclusion and creating a better workplace for all.

Diversity at all levels of the workforce is a major key to growth and profitability for every business.

Research shows that when employees are given access to role models, and to learning and development, they are more likely to be engaged in their work, hungry to progress, and to stay with their employers.

We work with organisations committed to diversity and inclusion within their workforce, helping them to achieve their ambitions of engaging, advancing and retaining talent across their businesses. 

Develop your talent pipeline and improve your profitability.

  • Give your employees access to high quality learning and development materials that will benefit their careers and your organisation’s productivity
  • Showcase the full range of talent that exists within your organisation, and encourage more through the talent pipeline
  • Increase your competitive positioning within your industry by retaining your diverse talent and keeping down turnover costs
  • Send a clear message to your workers, your industry and the business world at large that you take gender diversity seriously and are committed to making change happen
  • Show a clear return on your business’s investment in its talent, with a significant, positive impact on the bottom line.

We work with you to achieve your strategic goals.

Be seen as a leader

Put your brand in front of the largest and most prestigious companies and get your company's message heard

In-depth networking

Meet and connect with the right thought leaders, colleagues, clients and stakeholders and meet likeminded allies

Attract new talent

Broadcast your support for equality to your target audience and set yourself as an employer which is a cut above the rest

Join the community

Be seen by Diversity Network, a living community of 500+ change-bringers, striving to make a difference

Achieve your strategic goals

Improve your company's branding and profile, business development and recruitment

Develop your team

Invest in the professional development of your talent into future leaders, engage and retain your employees

The INCLUSION Festival: Promoting a better workplace for all.

Companies in attendance

INCLUSION is attended by senior leaders from many prominent organisations, including:

Who attends INCLUSION?

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INCLUSION is the ideal place to be seen by HR, L&D & DE&I professionals and diverse employee candidates from all over the world. Talk to us today to arrange a bespoke package that's right for you.