Tuesday 1st December 2020: Igniting Change

If you have a burning desire to sharpen your company’s D&I practices and increase opportunities for all, today’s presentations and panels are here to help you to determine how to ignite change and put new initiatives in place. Get hands-on advice from prominent individuals at the forefront of their professions who are making a real difference on the ground and join our evening networking meetup to connect with speakers and your fellow attendees.

Morning Keynotes

9:00am  GMT

Event Welcome and Launch of the Diversity Network Learning Portal
  • Introduction to INCLUSION 2020 and what to expect over the next three days
  • Diversity and inclusion in society today and what this means for the workplace
  • Launching the Diversity Network Learning Portal, including videos, podcasts, whitepapers, latest D&I news, discussion, networking sessions and more

Inclusion 2020 Event Director, Diversity Network

9:30am  GMT

Lessons Learned from 2020: Focusing on Connection, Engagement and Wellbeing
  • What we have learned from the events of 2020 – how this will impact D&I strategy and focuses going forward
  • Why connection, employee engagement, wellbeing and mental health are so important to prioritise for the year ahead
  • Gender balance in the home, and how this relates to workplace inclusion and wellbeing

Louisa Lombardo, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Europe, Eurasia and Africa, Chubb

10:00am  GMT

Company Case Study: People First: Building an Inclusive Culture
  • Highlighting National Grid’s ‘Remarkable’ series, celebrating talent and diversity in the organisation
  • Featuring real-life stories from role models and emphasising National Grid’s commitment to putting its people first
  • Why this approach has helped the organisation to drive its D&I activities forward and create a truly inclusive culture and sense of belonging for its people

Emma Ford, Head of Gas Construction and Diversity Ambassador, National Grid

10:30am  GMT

Bringing Intersectionality into Focus
  • Sharing learnings from working with leading ERGs to emphasise the importance of recognising intersectionality
  • Determine how intersectionality helps to create a culture where everyone feels able to bring their true selves to work
  • How you can bring intersectionality to the forefront of your own workplace and make it a key part of your D&I strategy

Bhavik Pancholi, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

11:00am  GMT

Fireside Chat: Ally is a Verb, Not a Noun

We all want to be an ‘ally’ but what does that really mean? What does it take to be a good ally? And is saying you are an ally enough? During this fireside chat with Sacha Thompson, Founder & CEO of The Equity Equation, LLC, we will discuss allyship in action, ways allies can ‘show up’ at work and in the community,  and what she hopes to see in the future. Join Sacha as she outlines:

  • How to be an active ally
  • How to be an advocate for change
  • How organizations can support allyship at the individual and systems level

Sacha Thompson, Founder & CEO, The Equity Equation LLC

11:30am  GMT

Menopause at Work: The Last Taboo
  • Menopause – the different phases, how long the transition lasts for and tell tale signs
  • Hormones and Impact on Work – a look at the big 5 hormones and how they impact physically, emotionally and cognitively
  • Support in the Workplace – a few ideas to support those going through menopause and their colleagues

Lesley Salem, Founder, Over The Bloody Moon

Interactive Workshop hosted by Aisha Suleiman from Amazon UK

12:00pm – 1:00pm GMT

Interactive Workshop: Getting the Most Out of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups that foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with organizational mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives. Other benefits include the development of future leaders, increased employee engagement, and expanded marketplace reach.

Join Amazon’s Aisha Suleiman for this interactive workshop session, as she details the pathway to ERG success, step by step.

Aisha Suleiman, Education Program Manager and Chair, Black Employee Network, Amazon UK

1:00pm  GMT

Lunchtime Keynote: How can Organisations be More Trans-Inclusive?

Katie Neeves came out publicly as being transgender after living for 48 years as a man. Katie founded Cool2BTrans to support and inspire other trans people and also to educate the general public and organisations on trans issues.  In this session, Katie will:

  • Tell the story of her long walk to womanhood, which will give an insight of what it’s like to be transgender
  • Share some actionable ideas of how to prevent trans discrimination in the workplace
  • Provide advice on what workplaces can do to ensure a culture that is fully inclusive of trans employees

Katie Neeves, Trans Ambassador, Cool2BTrans

Online Exhibition Visit and Networking
Visit INCLUSION's online exhibition and make new connections
1:30pm - 2:00pm GMT

Visit INCLUSION's online exhibition and make new connections

Come and explore our online interactive Diversity & Inclusion exhibition with prizes on offer for all those who make it round all the stands!

    Afternoon Panel Sessions

    2:00pm  – 3:00pm GMT

    Panel Discussion: Achieving Racial Equity in the Workplace
    • How has the prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 impacted our thinking around racial equity in the workplace?
    • What progress has been made to date and where are the remaining gaps?
    • How can employers tackle racial stereotypes and set a more inclusive culture?
    • Does legislation need to change in order to secure further progress?

    Lila Thompson, Chief Executive, British Water
    Richard Odufisan, Consulting Black Action Plan Implementation Lead, Deloitte UK
    Jackie Anyango, Senior Business Development Coordinator and BAME+ Network Lead, Skanska


    3:00pm  – 4:00pm GMT

    Panel Discussion: Addressing Gender Equality at Work: Achievements So Far
    • What is it like to be a woman in the workplace in 2020? 
    • What concrete steps can leadership take to reach gender equality within the workplace?
    • What are the chief obstacles in your organisation to achieving greater gender equality? 
    • Is there room to increase gender awareness in hiring practices, salary negotiations, promotions or when dealing with sexual harassment?
    • Can work/life balance be increased to meet the needs of both mothers and fathers?

    Hazel Little, Client and Programme Director, Women Returners
    Shannon Conway, Residential Director, Glenbrook Property, and Chair, Women in Property NW
    Jennie Koo,
    Head of Operations Risk Management, Capital One

    4:00pm  – 5:00pm GMT

    Panel Discussion: What makes an effective ERG?
    • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) now exist in many organisations, but how do you ensure it is not just a tick box exercise?
    • How do you make sure that ERGs impact senior management and drive towards actual change?
    • Should ERGs set measurable targets should be set
    • Top tips on how to maximise the involvement of allies and more

    Babu Maya, ENRICH Network Lead, Allianz Insurance
    Guinevere Taylor, Director, EMEA Distribution, RBC Global Asset Management
    Amanda McKay, Quality & Assurance Director, Balfour Beatty
    Marion Bentata, VP – Leveraged Loans Analyst, State Street

    5:00pm  – 6:00pm GMT

    Panel Discussion: Being a Witness: Strategies for Being a Better Ally
    • How important a role do allies play in the drive towards inclusion and belonging?
    • How do you create a culture of allyship in your organisation?
    • How to put effective strategies in place to minimise unconscious bias
    • Discussing tips and tools to help you to educate and train your staff
    • Ensuring that bias does not negatively impact upon hiring decisions, career development opportunities and more

    Saskia Bewley, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Hachette UK
    Rich Jones, Senior Adviser, Acas
    Capt. Jamie Carrahar, Captain, British Army, and Chair, British Army LGBT+ Forum
    Annie Lummis, Global Diversity and Inclusion AVP, Barclays

    DAY TWO:

    Wednesday 2nd December 2020:

    Hiring, Retaining and Advancing Diverse Talent

    Hiring, retaining, developing and advancing diverse talent is no small task. In Day Two, discover how can you educate staff to make sure that they support and honour your company’s D&I approach, and what can senior management do to support a culture of inclusion. Gain practical advice on mentoring, inclusive recruitment, staff monitoring and effective D&I planning, to improve the employee experience and make your company a better place to be.

    Morning Keynotes

    9:00am  GMT

    What is Neurodiversity, and Why Should You Care?

    Neurodiverse people are 30% to 50% more productive than other employees. So why aren’t you hiring them? This workshop will:

    • Explain what neurodiversity is and the strengths and challenges of conditions like autism, ADHD and dyslexia
    • Help you learn how your entire workplace will benefit from inclusive hiring practices
    • Increase your understanding of neurodiversity in an accessible and entertaining way

    Please bring a pen and paper as this will be an interactive session.


    Rachel Morgan-Trimmer, Neurodiversity Consultant, Sparkle Class

    9:30am  GMT

    Addressing a Lack of Diversity at a Senior Level
    • Discussing the current lack of diversity that persists in the healthcare sector and others too
    • What we can do to address a lack of diversity
    • Outlining the current situation and what it will take to see a change
    • Determining whether recruitment or retention is the key problem and how to make a shift towards greater diversity awareness

    Shafi Ahmed, Entrepreneur, Virtual Surgeon

    10:00am  GMT

    How to Create Diverse and Inclusive Workforces with Digital Coaching
    • While it is great that diversity and inclusion is becoming more of a focus, it can be overwhelming to think about all the work there is to do
    • Do you have the internal resource or expertise to really drive change in your organisation?
    • Highlighting useful tech solutions to support your HR department and workforce as an addition to your corporate learning programme

    Christina Bosenberg, Science Board Member at CoachHub & Transformational Specialist, CoachHub

    10:30am  GMT

    Establishing an Effective Employee Mentoring Programme

    Having had a mentor herself, acted as a mentor, and previously launching a highly successful mentoring programme, Kiran has seen how effective mentoring can be for individuals and organisations. Join her as she outlines how to make your mentoring programmes a success:

    • Why mentoring and sponsorship can be so powerful and effective
    • Why mentoring and sponsorship makes such a difference to the progression and retention of diverse talent, and how you can create a culture in your organisation where your people embrace mentoring and sponsorship
    • Top tips on encouraging mentoring in your own workplace and ensuring it gets the best results for all parties

    Kiran Sihra, Senior Underwriter, Professional Indemnity, AXA, and Committee Member, Insurance Institute London

    D&I Leaders Panel

    11:00am – 12:00pm  GMT

    Panel Discussion: D&I & HR Leaders Panel: Setting the Stage for a Successful 2021
    • Making diversity and inclusion plans and setting HR priorities for 2021
    • 2020 has been an extraordinary year – when we finally get back to the office, how can we get off to the best possible D&I start?
    • Are there particular minority groups who have suffered more than others under lockdown? How can we help?
    • Outlining the challenges to overcome, and how to get the whole workforce involved in making a real change

    Dawn Moore, Group People Director, Murphy Group
    Maren Burrowes, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, RSA Group
    Paul Deemer, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, NHS Employers

    Interactive Workshop hosted by Suzie Miller from Microsoft

    12:00pm – 1:00pm GMT

    Interactive Workshop: Creating More Accessible and Inclusive Working Environment 

    Designing inclusive workplaces in the ‘new normal’

    Inclusive design and accessibility impacts everyone. The pandemic has shown how “normal” doesn’t work in so many situations, especially for people with disabilities. Join us as we explore ways that workplaces can take this opportunity to innovate and improve – rather than simply ‘getting back to normal’.

    Suzie Miller, Senior Solutions Architect, Microsoft

    Online Exhibition Visit and Networking
    Visit INCLUSION's online exhibition and make new connections
    12:00pm GMT

    Visit INCLUSION's online exhibition and make new connections

    Come and explore our online interactive Diversity & Inclusion exhibition with prizes on offer for all those who make it round all the stands!

      Afternoon Panel Discussions

      2:00pm  – 3:00pm GMT

      Panel Discussion: Fairer Recruitment: How to Hire More Diverse Talent
      • Why it is important to recognise unconscious bias, write more inclusive job descriptions and conduct blind resumé reviews
      • Top tips for assembling diverse interview panels
      • Reviewing internal culture to foster a sense of belonging and retain your diverse talent for longer

      Moderator: Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Managing Director, Harrington Starr


      Jane Hatton, Founder and CEO, Evenbreak
      Nina Mohanty, Business Development, Klarna
      Ritesh Jain, Fintech Leader and Former COO, HSBC
      Sonya Barlow, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant, and Founder, Like Minded Females (LMF Network) CIC


      4:00pm  – 5:00pm GMT

      Panel Discussion: The Importance of Good Metrics: How Should We Be Measuring Progress?
      • Why the art of good metrics is a much-discussed topic
      • Beyond measuring how diverse a workforce is, how can we assess how inclusive our culture is, or whether employees feel a sense of belonging?
      • Exploring the effectiveness of different methods and tools that can help with delivering really useful metrics

      Natalie Gill, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, SMBC Bank and Management Board Member, Women in Banking & Finance (WIBF)
      Amisha Davda, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, WWF, and D&I Consultant to Breaking Barriers
      Ulysses Smith, Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Blend

      5:00pm  – 6:00pm GMT

      Panel Discussion: Can Role Models Really Make a Difference?
      • It is often said that ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’. Why are there still so few visible role models from underrepresented groups?
      • What can we do to ensure that diverse talent can see they can progress and succeed at the most senior levels?
      • Is positive discrimination a possible way to accelerate the number of minority representatives in leadership positions?

      Danielle Coe, Founder, Black Women in Clinical Research
      Amanda McKay, Quality & Assurance Director, Balfour Beatty
      Alia Cooper, Head, Europe Compliance Framework and Co-Chair of the Global Ability Network, HSBC
      Kavaljeet Bhamra, Service Continuity Lead, and Executive Chairman of the Positively Ethnic Network, BP

      Networking Session: Meet the Speakers!
      Networking Session: Meet the Speakers!
      6:00pm - 7:00pm GMT

      Networking Session: Meet the Speakers!

      An excellent opportunity to make new connections with a host of professionals who are passionate about Diversity & Inclusion. Come and network with our fantastic, energised speaker line-up, and meet other professionals who are committed to bringing about real change, sharing their implementation strategies too.

        DAY THREE:

        Thursday 3rd December 2020:

        Establishing a Diverse, Inclusive Workplace

        Including the INCLUSION Law Summit, Construction, Utilities & Engineering D&I Panel, Retail Industry D&I Panel and a concluding panel on reimagining the way we work together.

        INCLUSION Law Summit 9am - 1pm

        9:00am  GMT

        Setting the Tone for the Future
        • Detailing how CILEx is prioritising D&I in the hope of leading the way for law firms across the sector
        • Exploring how legal firms might improve current diversity figures
        • Detailing the pathway to the future

        Caroline Jepson, Vice President, CILEx

        9:30am  GMT

        Case Study: Driving D&I in a Global Law Firm
        • Emphasising the importance of striving for equality on all fronts within the workplace
        • Implementing an effective D&I strategy in the world’s largest law firm
        • Operating across multiple jurisdictions and with a multicultural workforce
        • Recommendations for others to follow

        Jay Connolly, Global Chief Talent Officer, Dentons

        10:00am  GMT

        Fireside Chat: Working Towards a Truly Inclusive Legal Sector
        • An insight into Jenine’s route into the legal profession, career progression and challenges faced
        • What can the sector do to address social mobility issues and encourage those from non-traditional backgrounds into law?
        • How the Cardiff & District Law Society is leading the way in driving D&I in the sector, and what Jenine will be focusing on in her role as Junior VP
        • Why it is so important for the sector to prioritise anti-racism and take further steps towards racial equity
        • What more can be done to support legal professionals returning to work after parental leave?
        • How important a role do law societies play in driving real change?

        Jenine Abdo, Head of Children & Public Law, Hutton’s Law, and Junior Vice President and D&I Officer, Cardiff & District Law Society

        10:30am  GMT

        Case Study: Widening Access to the Bar
        • Our mission to make the access to the Bar as accessible to as many different people as possible
        • Widening access through social mobility initiatives, mini-pupillage schemes and school/university outreach
        • Advantages in widening the pool to include in new perspectives and outlooks

        Jo Moore, Barrister and Head of Outreach, 1 Crown Office Row (1COR)

        11:00am  GMT

        Case Study: Creating an Inclusive Environment for LGBTQ+ lawyers
        • Detailing the Trowers & Hamlins’ global D&I programme so far
        • Sharing the steps that the company has taken to become more LGBTQ+ inclusive
        • Why it is so important that the sector continues to progress in this area

        Helen Randall, Senior Partner, Trowers & Hamlins LLP

        11:30am  GMT

        Advancing Racial Equality in the Legal Profession
        • How BLM has progressed conversations on racial equality within the sector
        • Are there still barriers to BAME lawyers progressing to partner level/QC, and what can we do about this?
        • How can the profession work towards having more visible BAME role models at senior level, in order for the next generation to be able to aspire to and for a career in law to appeal to a diverse range of talent?

        Jonathan Achampong, Partner – Residential Property, Wedlake Bell LLP

        Legal Sector Panel Discussion

        12:00pm – 1:00pm  GMT

        Panel Discussion: Increasing Diversity and Opportunity at Law Partnership Level
        • Is there room for diversity at the top of the legal profession?
        • Where are we now and how will we get to where we should be? How accepted is ‘difference’?
        • How effective inclusion can drive this to make real change across the sector

        Trevor Sterling, Partner and Head of Major Trauma, Moore Barlow LLP
        Michael Costelloe, Chartered Legal Executive, EMG Solicitors
        Yaa Dankwa Ampadu-Sackey, Barrister, Clerksroom
        Barbara Corbett, Senior Partner, Corbett Le Quesne

        Online Exhibition Visit and Networking
        Visit INCLUSION's online exhibition and make new connections
        1:00pm - 2:00pm GMT

        Visit INCLUSION's online exhibition and make new connections

        Come and explore our online interactive Diversity & Inclusion exhibition with prizes on offer for all those who make it round all the stands!

          Construction, Utilities & Engineering

          2:00pm  – 3:00pm GMT

          Industry Panel: Increasing Inclusion in Construction, Utilities and Engineering
          • Determining new techniques for educating staff right across the company
          • Reviewing 2020 – how has lockdown affected D&I strategy and certain minority groups? How can we repair the difficulties going forward?
          • Looking ahead to 2021, how can we be effective in moving the needle towards greater diversity and inclusion?
          • What are the greatest priorities in the Construction sector and how can we best measure progress?

          Amos Simbo, Director, Winway Consultants 
          Marion Whitty,
          Head of Talent & Development, Countryside Properties
          Theresa Mohammed, Partner, Trowers & Hamlins, and Chair, National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC)

          3:00pm  – 4:00pm GMT

          Supporting a Neurodiverse Workforce

          Kieran Thompson recently became one of the first people in the UK to qualify as Neurodiversity Aware™, as Cundall works towards its ambition of becoming the most inclusive consultancy in the industry. In his presentation, Kieran will cover:

          • Why the construction industry needs to become more aware of neurodiversity
          • Ways in which employers and individuals can support and empower neurodivergent colleagues
          • How Cundall’s five-year D&I strategy will help the business evolve from one that recognises the business benefits of diversity, to one for which diversity is a fundamental, valued and embedded component of its culture and identity

          Kieran Thompson, Head of Diversity, Talent and Inclusion, Cundall

          INCLUSION 2020 Concluding Panel: The Future of Work

          4:00pm  – 5:00pm GMT

          The Future of Work: Reimagining the Way We Work Together
          • Prioritising fostering a culture of belonging and improving wellbeing in the workplace
          • How can we improve flexible working practices to be more inclusive to wider demographics and include more minorities?
          • Will mobile working and remote working become more prevalent in the future? How will this affect the disabled community and what technologies can we use to support them?
          • What measures and targets should corporations set in place to make sure that everyone is fairly catered for?
          • Where will be in ten years’ time? Setting a vision and devising strategies to turn the best ideas into reality

          Karen Wallace, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, ScotRail Alliance
          Chithra Marsh, Associate Director, Buttress Architects
          Amisha Davda, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, WWF, and D&I Consultant to Breaking Barriers
          Gulnaz Raja, Founder, Legal and Governance Hub