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PLATINUM SPONSOR: CultureWizard by RW3

Since 2001, RW3 CultureWizard has helped hundreds of companies around the world develop the cultural competency and global mindset needed to drive business results.

Created by renowned intercultural business experts Michael S. Schell and Charlene Marmer Solomon, CultureWizard draws from their decades of international HR experiences, their industry-leading cultural learning models, as well as their books Managing Across Cultures: The Seven Keys to Doing Business with a Global Mindset and Capitalizing on the Global Workforce.

RW3 CultureWizard has a worldwide network of researchers, writers, and cultural experts, as well as offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London.


WorkJam is a proven, scalable, and compliant enterprise Digital Workplace Platform specifically designed for companies with frontline workers. As experts in driving employee engagement, efficiency, and productivity, we deliver lower operating costs while driving retention at the same time.

WorkJam’s modularized platform includes real-time Communication tools, Training, Task Management, Mobile Punch, Schedule Self-Service, Open Shift Management, and ExpressPay.

As a single platform, WorkJam provides a personalized and impactful experience for each employee while adhering to your work rules and workflows. In fact, a recent study from Forrester Research found uniting formally siloed functions through WorkJam delivers an average ROI of over 400% across three years.

Loved by leading brands, WorkJam provides breakthrough productivity and cost savings while allowing you to remain within the boundaries of local and national compliance considerations.


Personio is the all-in-one HR software for small- and medium-sized companies. Based in Munich, Madrid, London, Dublin and soon Amsterdam, Personio’s mission is to make HR processes as transparent and efficient as possible so HR can focus on the most valuable assets in the company: the people. The Personio solution includes human resources, recruiting and payroll and supports all core HR processes every business needs to do. Nearly 4,000 customers in over 80 countries use Personio.

In January 2021 alone, Personio received a $125 million Series D funding. With a valuation of $1.7 billion, Personio has ‘unicorn’ status and is the most valuable HR tech company in Europe.


At BiasProof we believe there’s a better way to positively impact diversity & inclusion. We believe that you need to allow your staff to measure their own Biases before you can generate free and open discussion about Bias. 

BiasProof is a set of Unconscious Bias Tests and Training Courses that enables people to better understand their unconscious biases. It then helps people understand and apply this knowledge to make more informed decisions. It is a critical element in helping actually measure individuals’ and organizational biases. Measurement and scoring focuses people on some of the key areas of Diversity & Inclusion and helps them apply these learnings for positive change. No personally identifying information is stored. All data provided organizationally is aggregate data only.

INCLUSION 2021 Partners and Exhibitors

Asian Leadership Collective

Asian Leadership Collective strives to increase and amplify leadership representation of East and South East Asian communities within companies and organisations across professional sectors in the UK. This includes those of mixed East and South East Asian (ESEA) heritage. We support and encourage allies in their journey for inclusivity and equality; providing a safe space for learning and engaging with the ESEA community. 

Asian Leadership Collective is a registered Community Interest Company and member of Social Enterprise UK, our focus is to provide resources and give back to community in the UK.

Our mission is to champion the ESEA community to strengthen their leadership approach, to leverage skills and knowledge to push through barriers for equal representation within senior management and C-suite (executive level) positions. Asian Leadership Collective looks to change the perceptions of the ESEA community in business, reinforcing positive representation of this community and challenge stereotypes and unconscious bias.

Association of Disabled Lawyers

We are the association for disabled lawyers and lawyers with mental and/or physical health conditions. This includes anyone studying or practicing law.

We exist to create a community and network for disabled lawyers. We want to make it known that you can practice law and be a disabled person. There are many obstacles that make entering the legal professions and maintaining a career difficult. We are a platform for sharing ideas for positive change. We also campaign for such changes to be put in place to give disabled lawyers and students more support in their careers and to remove unnecessary obstacles that make the professions inaccessible to disabled people. We share these ideas with other organisations that want to support us. We, as disabled people, also promote the rights of all disabled people. We have events that highlights issues relating to disability law and how the rights of disabled people can protected and strengthened.

Black Pharma

At Black Pharma, our vision is to see a greater representation of black professionals across the Pharmaceutical industry.

We work to facilitate access to industry jobs and to support opportunities for professional development. 

Through this, our mission is to ensure that talented black professionals have the right opportunities to maximise their potential, make a positive impact and contribute to the wellbeing of the patients they serve.

Cool 2B Trans

Katie Neeves, is an openly transgender woman and a trans ambassador. She is on a mission to not only show that it’s okay to be trans, but it’s actually cool to be trans too!

Through her media appearances, public speaking engagements, blog, vlog, social media, trans awareness training courses and via support groups, her aim is to reach out to trans people who may be struggling with their gender identity, to reassure them and to lead by example. She wants to help educate the general public too. The more people who are educated about trans issues, the greater the acceptance and the easier it will be for trans people to live their lives in peace. Most bigotry and prejudice comes from ignorance and fear of the unknown. Education can and does save lives.

the female factor

the female factor is on a mission to close the (gender) leadership gap.

We are a global community for a new era of female leaders enabling them to get their seat at the table by boosting confidence, competence & connections.

Tremendous social, political, environmental and economic forces have radically reshaped life as we knew it, and one thing is clear: Our world increasingly needs us to show up in a more human way.

It’s time for a new era of leaders who demonstrate self-awareness, empowerment, high levels of emotional intelligence and a collaborative mindset. We believe that by embracing their innately feminine power, their “female factors” such as empathy, intuition and compassion, women will step up, leading our world for the better.

According to research, a woman needs three things to succeed in her career: Confidence to believe in herself, connections to lift her up & create opportunities, and the right set of competencies to deliver results.

Our research-backed opportunity journey is designed to help women get ahead with the right mentors, hands-on career knowledge, accountability partners, confidence training and a great network of peers.

Together we are enabling women to seize opportunities, get their seats at the table and build a brighter tomorrow for all of us.


HyperTribe is a peer-to-peer and expert community to help music artists with knowledge, support and opportunities. Our aim is to support artists so that they can cut their learning time, access experts, and earn a sustainable income from the community. 

We want to promote a more equal and fair system disregarding; race, gender, socio-economic background, promote a sustainable balanced industry for all.

We believe that there is a world where artists that want to do music can beat the ‘starving artist’ stereotype and actually build a sustainable income through their passions and music with the right resources and education. 

HyperTribe aims to improve and refine the artist development process for musicians across a variety of genres of music to attain at a minimum a sustainable income and make the process as straightforward and easy as possible.


Lexxic was established in 2007 by Chartered Occupational Psychologist Nicola James, after managing the challenges of her own dyslexia in the corporate sector.  

Lexxic continues to grow and now provides services throughout the UK and Ireland to Occupational Health Providers, FTSE 100 companies, government organisations and members of the public. 

We are a team of psychologists who support organisations to develop environments where neurodiversity can flourish. As everyone is different, our services are tailored to add value to organisations’ specific needs and to support each individual to be at their best.

My Skin My Story

Founded by Sathya Balha, My Skin My Story is a community of women of colour who connect, elevate and empower each other.


OutBüro’s mission is to connect the world’s LGBTQ employees, professionals, and entrepreneurs with opportunities to grow in their careers and grow their companies.  We strive to connect companies and organizations that support LGBTQ Corporate Equality with quality candidates while providing a voice and insight into workplace culture and LGBT workplace issues.

Our services are designed to promote economic opportunity for our members by enabling you and thousands of other gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, queer professionals along with diversity recruiting professionals and our friends and allies to meet, post job opportunities, create a professional profile, store and submit your resume, find quality diversity candidates, exchange ideas, learn, and find business opportunities, and make decisions in a network of trusted relationships within as LGBTQ professionally-oriented safe and accepting platform.

We are striving to build value and community for LGBTQ people around the world by providing a unique online networking community where they may rate current and past employers from the LGBTQ perspective. Helping companies from Fortune 100 to local main street businesses connect with and attract quality diversity LGBT candidates via active recruiting.

Over the Bloody Moon

Our Founder created Over The Bloody Moon to address a gap as she began her journey through perimenopause. Not able to easily find accurate, trusted information to help understand what was happening with her body and mind, she wanted to help everyone find the happy ending to a challenging time of life that all women have to navigate.

We’re on a mission to help the world feel Over The Bloody Moon about being a woman at this time of life, whether your menopause is early, induced or natural.

With all the negative perceptions, misinformation and lack of awareness leading up to and through menopause, we want to give everyone the education, tools and positivity women need to embrace, lead, and own their change.

Queer Lawyers of Tomorrow

Our key aim is to support the queer aspiring lawyer community across the UK with the creation of an inclusive, informative network.

We seek to support the development of professional relationships enabling likeminded people to connect. We will also create a calendar of events that are of particular interest to queer aspiring lawyers whilst having a few annual events of our own. Social mobility will also be put at the forefront of all that we do and we will ensure all our events and opportunities are accessible to all.

For now, these plans are in the pipeline and this network is just getting started, but we need your support to make sure we can be successful in bringing success to you!

Please get involved, follow our socials and join our network so that together, we can inspire, support and create real change for the Queer Lawyers of Tomorrow.


iRelaunch is a career reentry consulting, training and events company focused on bringing professionals back into the workforce after extended leave.

iRelaunch approaches this work from “both sides of the equation” – by providing tools and resources to best support the relauncher population looking to return to work and partnering closely with employers to create formal pathways back into the workforce for these grounded, educated, experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated professionals.

As the pioneering company in the career reentry space, we are at the forefront of innovation in returnship and return to work programming. Our years of experience and deep understanding of the relauncher pool and the employers looking to hire them puts us in a position to spot trends at an early stage and to influence their direction.

There have been three waves of return to work programming activity since return to work programs began in 2005, and we have been actively involved in each of them, starting in the very early stages. The first wave was driven by Wall Street and financial services, the second by tech-infused companies in a range of sectors, and we predict the third wave will be driven by the public sector, with the recently announced State of Utah’s returnship program leading the way.

Women in Banking and Finance

Women in Banking and Finance is a not for profit membership organisation with branches in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow and Manchester staffed primarily by voluntary Executive and Management Committees. Founded in 1980, we aim to foster our members’ ambitious spirit, with networking events, development programmes and leadership opportunities.
Women in Family Law

Women in Family Law (WiFL) was founded in January 2020 by a group of women, all of whom work in the field of family law. WiFL brings together women from across England and Wales, whether solicitors or barristers, judges or paralegals, all of whom have the shared aim of uniting and supporting women in the profession.

The founding Chair, Hannah Markham QC along with Katherine Rayden, Vanessa Meachin QC, Frances Judd QC (now Mrs Justice Judd) and Simone McGrath began their discussions in the summer of 2019. As word spread, more women offered their support and expressed their desire to be part of this unique group. Now, we have a diverse Founding Board made up of women across all levels of seniority and from across the jurisdiction.

WiFL is a collective in which all women who work in the field can come together to share views, seek guidance, involve themselves in events and support the furtherance of women. We are acutely aware that women face particular challenges and fears within the profession, and that some may need that extra bit of care.

Women Returners

Women Returners is a purpose-led consulting, coaching and network organisation. We founded Women Returners in 2014 with the mission of removing the ‘Career Break Penalty’ by making extended career breaks a normal part of a 40-50 year career. 

We are the European experts in enabling the return to work of highly-qualified professionals, mainly women but also men, after an extended (18 month or more) career break. 

Our management and coaching teams have been working with the returner community for many years, both before and after their return to the workforce. We have the unique combination of an in-depth understanding of the return-to-work journey and returner programme success factors, a practical commercial perspective, and psychology-based returner coaching expertise.