Wednesday 2nd December 2020:

Hiring, Retaining and Advancing Diverse Talent

Hiring, retaining, developing and advancing diverse talent is no small task. In Day Two, discover how can you educate staff to make sure that they support and honour your company’s D&I approach, and what can senior management do to support a culture of inclusion. Gain practical advice on mentoring, inclusive recruitment, staff monitoring and effective D&I planning, to improve the employee experience and make your company a better place to be.

Morning Keynotes

9:00am  GMT

What is Neurodiversity, and Why Should You Care?

Neurodiverse people are 30% to 50% more productive than other employees. So why aren’t you hiring them? This workshop will:

  • Explain what neurodiversity is and the strengths and challenges of conditions like autism, ADHD and dyslexia
  • Help you learn how your entire workplace will benefit from inclusive hiring practices
  • Increase your understanding of neurodiversity in an accessible and entertaining way

Please bring a pen and paper as this will be an interactive session.


Rachel Morgan-Trimmer, Neurodiversity Consultant, Sparkle Class

9:30am  GMT

Addressing a Lack of Diversity at a Senior Level
  • Discussing the current lack of diversity that persists in the healthcare sector and others too
  • What we can do to address a lack of diversity
  • Outlining the current situation and what it will take to see a change
  • Determining whether recruitment or retention is the key problem and how to make a shift towards greater diversity awareness

Shafi Ahmed, Entrepreneur, Virtual Surgeon

10:00am  GMT

How to Create Diverse and Inclusive Workforces with Digital Coaching
  • While it is great that diversity and inclusion is becoming more of a focus, it can be overwhelming to think about all the work there is to do
  • Do you have the internal resource or expertise to really drive change in your organisation?
  • Highlighting useful tech solutions to support your HR department and workforce as an addition to your corporate learning programme

Christina Bosenberg, Science Board Member at CoachHub & Transformational Specialist, CoachHub

10:30am  GMT

Establishing an Effective Employee Mentoring Programme

Having had a mentor herself, acted as a mentor, and previously launching a highly successful mentoring programme, Kiran has seen how effective mentoring can be for individuals and organisations. Join her as she outlines how to make your mentoring programmes a success:

  • Why mentoring and sponsorship can be so powerful and effective
  • Why mentoring and sponsorship makes such a difference to the progression and retention of diverse talent, and how you can create a culture in your organisation where your people embrace mentoring and sponsorship
  • Top tips on encouraging mentoring in your own workplace and ensuring it gets the best results for all parties

Kiran Sihra, Senior Underwriter, Professional Indemnity, AXA, and Committee Member, Insurance Institute London

D&I Leaders Panel

11:00am – 12:00pm  GMT

Panel Discussion: D&I & HR Leaders Panel: Setting the Stage for a Successful 2021
  • Making diversity and inclusion plans and setting HR priorities for 2021
  • 2020 has been an extraordinary year – when we finally get back to the office, how can we get off to the best possible D&I start?
  • Are there particular minority groups who have suffered more than others under lockdown? How can we help?
  • Outlining the challenges to overcome, and how to get the whole workforce involved in making a real change

Dawn Moore, Group People Director, Murphy Group
Maren Burrowes, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, RSA Group
Paul Deemer, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, NHS Employers

Interactive Workshop hosted by Suzie Miller from Microsoft

12:00pm – 1:00pm GMT

Interactive Workshop: Creating More Accessible and Inclusive Working Environment 

Designing inclusive workplaces in the ‘new normal’

Inclusive design and accessibility impacts everyone. The pandemic has shown how “normal” doesn’t work in so many situations, especially for people with disabilities. Join us as we explore ways that workplaces can take this opportunity to innovate and improve – rather than simply ‘getting back to normal’.

Suzie Miller, Senior Solutions Architect, Microsoft

Online Exhibition Visit and Networking
Visit INCLUSION's online exhibition and make new connections
12:00pm GMT

Visit INCLUSION's online exhibition and make new connections

Come and explore our online interactive Diversity & Inclusion exhibition with prizes on offer for all those who make it round all the stands!

    Afternoon Panel Discussions

    2:00pm  – 3:00pm GMT

    Panel Discussion: Fairer Recruitment: How to Hire More Diverse Talent
    • Why it is important to recognise unconscious bias, write more inclusive job descriptions and conduct blind resumé reviews
    • Top tips for assembling diverse interview panels
    • Reviewing internal culture to foster a sense of belonging and retain your diverse talent for longer

    Moderator: Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Managing Director, Harrington Starr


    Jane Hatton, Founder and CEO, Evenbreak
    Nina Mohanty, Business Development, Klarna
    Ritesh Jain, Fintech Leader and Former COO, HSBC
    Sonya Barlow, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant, and Founder, Like Minded Females (LMF Network) CIC


    4:00pm  – 5:00pm GMT

    Panel Discussion: The Importance of Good Metrics: How Should We Be Measuring Progress?
    • Why the art of good metrics is a much-discussed topic
    • Beyond measuring how diverse a workforce is, how can we assess how inclusive our culture is, or whether employees feel a sense of belonging?
    • Exploring the effectiveness of different methods and tools that can help with delivering really useful metrics

    Natalie Gill, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, SMBC Bank and Management Board Member, Women in Banking & Finance (WIBF)
    Amisha Davda, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, WWF, and D&I Consultant to Breaking Barriers
    Ulysses Smith, Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Blend

    5:00pm  – 6:00pm GMT

    Panel Discussion: Can Role Models Really Make a Difference?
    • It is often said that ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’. Why are there still so few visible role models from underrepresented groups?
    • What can we do to ensure that diverse talent can see they can progress and succeed at the most senior levels?
    • Is positive discrimination a possible way to accelerate the number of minority representatives in leadership positions?

    Danielle Coe, Founder, Black Women in Clinical Research
    Amanda McKay, Quality & Assurance Director, Balfour Beatty
    Alia Cooper, Head, Europe Compliance Framework and Co-Chair of the Global Ability Network, HSBC
    Kavaljeet Bhamra, Service Continuity Lead, and Executive Chairman of the Positively Ethnic Network, BP

    Networking Session: Meet the Speakers!
    Networking Session: Meet the Speakers!
    6:00pm - 7:00pm GMT

    Networking Session: Meet the Speakers!

    An excellent opportunity to make new connections with a host of professionals who are passionate about Diversity & Inclusion. Come and network with our fantastic, energised speaker line-up, and meet other professionals who are committed to bringing about real change, sharing their implementation strategies too.

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