Tuesday 3rd October 2023

Furthering disability inclusion and accessibility

  • Accessibility and disability inclusion as central core values
  • Neuro-inclusive strategies for the global workforce
  • Measurement and metrics: A new approach for disability
  • Neurodiversity to boost your company’s productivity
  • Workshop: How to be heard at work: Speaking Up!
Opening Keynote

9:00am EDT /
2:00pm  BST

Positioning accessibility as a central core value
  • Developing a strategy to prioritise accessibility
  • Considering physical accessibility (e.g. workplace and building design and equipment), workplace accommodations and digital accessibility
  • Defining better governance, policy, roles and responsibilities for accessibility
  • How Kyndryl positioned inclusion as a core business imperative
  • Assessing the impact and ongoing work

Yves Veulliet, EMEA Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Leader, Kyndryl

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9:30am EDT /
2:30pm  BST

Case Study: Developing a neuro-inclusive D&I strategy for the global workforce
  • Developing and implementing a fully integrated neuro-inclusive strategy.
  • Process, the challenges, the successes and the impact of the strategy within the organisation as well as the wider communities

Michael Vermeersch, Accessibility Go To Market Manager, Microsoft

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10:05am EDT /
3:05pm  BST

Measurement and metrics: A new approach for disability
  • Inclusive reporting: authentic portrayal of people with disabilities in media, social media, advertising and marketing
  • Disability inclusion performance data in ESG reporting

Stephane Leblois, Director of Partnerships, Valuable 500

Samantha merrett

10:30am EDT /
3:30pm  BST

Panel Discussion: Increasing accessibility to all
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities is an area that requires the greatest improvement within organisations, despite the clear business case.
  • How and why people with disabilities are perceived in certain ways, and what we can do to challenge our own perceptions and biases?
  • How can you really drive the importance of prioritizing accessibilityin your organisation to ensure it is just as important as other elements of D&I?
  • Why it is not enough to simply have accessibility policies and procedures in place in your company?

Katherine Lewis, Founder, The Leon Foundation of Excellence and EnableIn ERG Global Partnership Lead, LinkedIn

Samantha Merrett, Accessibility Lead, Food Standards Agency

Allan Mackillop
Giles Barker
Chanake Wikramanayake

11:05am EDT /
4:05pm  BST

Panel Discussion: How to move accessibility higher up the business agenda
  • Accessibility is often the lowest priority for HR managers. Why is this and how can it move higher up the business agenda?
  • Why is progress slower for accessibility in the workplace compared with other areas of DEI?
  • What are some practical, measurable changes that can be implemented in the workforce in 2023?

Moderator: Davina Critchley, Accessibility Manager, Sky


Allan MacKillop, DEI Manager, BT Group

Giles Barker, Workplace Disability Lead, Channel 4

Chanake Wikramanayake, Head of Banking Operations, Tanfeeth

Atif Choudhury
Romane Donat
Daniel Harris

11:45am EDT /
4:45pm  BST

Panel discussion: How neurodivergent employees can boost your company’s productivity
  • The types of neurodiversity that may exist within your workforce and their characteristics, for example ADHD, autism and dyslexia 
  • How being aware of the strengths and challenges of the various conditions can help you better support a neurodiverse workforce
  • Productivity: while statistics show that neurodiverse people are 30% to 50% more productive than other employees, how will productivity differ for neurodivergent workers and how can you best make use of this?
  • Learn how your entire workplace will benefit from inclusive practice

Moderator: Atif Choudhry, CEO, Diversity and Ability


Romane Donat, Associate Director, Ipsos

Daniel Harris, CEO, Neurodiversity in Business

Emmanuel Kulu
chris altizer
Ben Oni lg

12:15pm EDT /
5:15pm  BST

Panel Discussion: Overcoming privilege denial to open up meaningful conversations with leaders
  • Understanding privilege and privilege denial and who it affects
  • Determining what can be done to enable everyone to feel enabled and supported
  • How can we approach and discuss the issue effectively with leaders?


Emmanuel Kulu, Author and TedX speaker

Chris Altizer, Adjunct Lecturer, Florida International University

Ben-Oni, Founder, Black Neurodiversity

Gerrard Gosens

1:15pm EDT /
6:15pm  BST

Being blind at work: Lessons on disability inclusion and accessibility
  • Summarising Gerrard’s career to date and experience as a a chocolatier
  • Realising his aims to be the first blind man to swim the English Channel
  • Lessons for disability inclusion in the workplace

Gerrard Gosens, Chocolatier, Blind Swimmer and Special Projects and Engagement Manager, Triathlon Australia

Group of content curious people in casual clothing sitting on chairs and listening to speaker during conference

1:45pm EDT / 6:45pm BST:

All-Access Workshop: How to be heard at work:
Speaking up in meetings and in the workplace

This interactive workshop is designed to enable you to be a better public speaker and help you communicate your best self in presentations, interviews, speeches, meetings and life.

Workshop leader: Catherine Rees, Director, Speak Up Coaching