Thursday 5th October 2023

Being ambitious with DEI and getting results

  • Increasing social mobility
  • Advancing racial equality and anti-racism at work
  • Enhancing LGBTQ+ allyship
  • Building impactful ERGs
  • Overcoming privilege denial
Opening Keynote
Mitra Janes

9:00am EDT /
1:30pm  BST

Tackling social mobility and supporting those from disadvantaged backgrounds in work
  • Understanding social mobility and equality of opportunity including earnings, income, social class, wellbeing, health and education
  • Why it matters: how social mobility is linked to equality of opportunity
  • Strategies to help level the playing field in business – no matter what size your organisation

Mitra Janes, Global Head of Inclusion for Investment Banking, Markets and Securities Services and Commercial Banking, HSBC

9:30am EDT /
1:30pm  BST

Speed Networking Session

An excellent opportunity to make new connections with your fellow peers who are passionate about Diversity & Inclusion.

Come and network with a host of other professionals who are committed to bringing about real change, sharing their implementation strategies too.

To participate, please click here to send a message to Admin before Wednesday evening, so we can add you and send you the joining instructions in good time.

Ticketholder Content
Brendan Roach
Jackie Cureton
Mark Russell

9:55am EDT /
2:55pm  BST

Panel Discussion: How to build impactful employee resource groups
  • How executive sponsors can drive high-performing ERGs – what support, energetically and financially is needed 
  • How proper financial investment in, and senior level engagement with ERGs can improve innovation and performance
  • Elevating ERGs to a core business value – not only D&I activity but overall business strategy
  • How do we ensure that marginalised groups are not further marginalised through being part of an ERG
  • How to engage allies, and deepen allies understanding of the intersectionality of discrimination

Brendan Roach, Director of Strategy and Networkology, PurpleSpace

Jackie Cureton, VP, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,

Mark Russell, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Manager, KPMG UK

Trevor_Sterling_2299 MB (1)
Atif Choudhury

10:40am EDT /
3:40pm  BST

Panel Discussion: What do we still need to do for racial equality in business?
  • How to address and prevent discrimination
  • How to create a welcoming and inclusive culture
  • How should companies offer support for under-represented ethnicities?
  • The importance of storytelling and person experience

Moderator: Sukhdeep Randhawa, UK Delegate, United Nations


Trevor Sterling, Senior Partner, Moore Barlow (first black senior partner in a top 100 firm)

Atif Choudhry, CEO, Diversity and Ability

John Lazar

11:40am EDT /
4:40pm  BST

Panel Discussion: Fostering greater LGBTQ+ allyship at work
  • How LGBTQ+ equality can be tackled in different ways
  • How to effectively speak to those who are resistant to change
  • Allyship best practice – how to show your support for colleagues

John Lazar, Former Financial Resource Director, Florida Democratic LGBTQ+ Caucus

Nikki Symmons, Head of Partnerships, Philip Morris International

Simon Langley

12:15pm EDT /
5:15pm  BST

Case Study: Supporting and funding diverse-led businesses
  • The diversity of the organisation
  • Its mission and purpose for DEI including supporting female-owned business
  • The business case for international diversity at home and abroad
  • Generational needs: improving the development process

Simon Langley, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, British International Investment

Stuart Flint

12:35pm EDT /
5:35pm  BST

Industry analysis: Weight stigma in the workplace
  • Understanding the full extent of bias against people because of their size
  • Research into why this matters
  • What we can do about it in the workplace

Dr Stuart Flint, Professor of Psychology, University of Leeds

Atif Choudhury

1:05pm EDT /
6:05pm  BST

Understanding the intersectionality of race, neurodiversity and discrimination
  • Recognizing and addressing the intersectionality of race, neurodiversity, and discrimination
  • Promoting understanding and awareness of how race and neurodiversity intersect to shape individuals’ experiences
  • Challenging and dismantling discriminatory practices that disproportionately affect individuals at the intersection of race and neurodiversity
  • Advocating for inclusive policies and practices that honour and celebrate the diversity of experiences at the intersection of race and neurodiversity

Atif Choudhry, CEO, Diversity and Ability