4-6 OCTOBER 2022

If you have a burning desire to sharpen your company’s DE&I practices and increase opportunities for all, these presentations and panels can help you to determine how to ignite change and put new initiatives in place. Get hands-on advice from prominent individuals at the forefront of their professions who are making a real difference on the ground.


DAY ONE: Tuesday 4th October 2022

Becoming an Effective DEI Leader

Becoming a More Effective DEI Leader: A Keynote Conversation with Pamela Hutchinson OBE

  • Key learnings through a two-decade career of DEI achievements
  • What DEI leaders need to do to innovate and facilitate lasting change: agitate the business, gain board-level support, and build influence among key supporters
  • How the DEI industry is evolving, and the essential skills we need to develop now to become more effective as a DEI leader

Pamela Hutchinson OBE, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Bloomberg

Putting People at the Centre of Your Business

  • Why culture is absolutely central to a business plan
  • Why the Four Strategic Pillars of Lloyds includes Culture 
  • How does this feed culture strategy?
  • How does that feed through the business and the wider insurance market?

Mark Lomas, Head of Culture, Lloyds of London

Panel Discussion: Instigating an Effective Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategy for a Global Workforce 

  • Identifying key challenges when the organisation operates around the world
  • Navigating different cultures globally, and each country’s demographics, 

Annie Yu, Chief of Staff, Vox Media

Allison Iurato, Intercultural Competence Trainer, Educator, Workshop Facilitator

Rashmi Verma, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, HUGO BOSS

Measurement Systems & Accountability

Measurement and Metrics: Taking A New Approach to DEI

  • Research carried out by Philip Morris International and IMD Business School 
  • What measurements are already in place: what is working? What isn’t? What gaps are there? 
  • How to measure effectively: and why there is no silver spoon
  • Inclusion Net Promoter Score

Silke Muenster, Chief Diversity Officer, Philip Morris International

Setting up for Success with A Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategy

  • Design and implement a global I&D strategy that will have a positive impact on performance and results
  • Learn techniques for how to drive I&D through your organisation and articulate why it is critical to employees
  • Elect executive sponsors to ensure commitment is demonstrated from the top

Vikki Leach, Author and Diversity and Inclusion Director, Zalando

Panel Discussion: How Can D&I Practitioners Drive an Inclusive Workplace Culture?

  • What are the challenges in building a more inclusive culture?
  • Strategies for engaging senior leaders to ensure inclusion is driven from the top

Paul Deemer, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, NHS Employers 

Charlotte Sweeney OBE, Founder, Charlotte Sweeney Associates 

Amandeep Khasriya, Senior Associate, Moore Barlow

Panel Discussion: How Can Workplace Inclusion Be Effectively Tracked and Measured?

  • What are the most effective ways of tracking progress?
  • Should organisations be more transparent and publish their goals and results when it comes to inclusion?

Moderator: Dr Karen Hills Pruden, Owner, Boss, Brand & Business TV Channel

Dagmar Albers, Diversity And Inclusion Lead UK, Pfizer

Wilton Waverly, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist, Will Wavvy Consulting

Hawa Newell-Sydique, Director of Talent and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Selfridges

Data, Diversity and Deeds 

  • Data and research are an integral part of diversity and inclusion work as they build the foundation to identifying challenges, assessing the status quo, and measuring impact
  • Covering literature search, quantitative insights, and qualitative research, if you are looking to implement an evidence-based approach to diversity and inclusion initiatives, this session is for you.

Dr Antonia Sudkaemper, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, ICAEW

Panel Discussion: Demonstrating Increased Company Performance Through Fostering An Inclusive Culture And Work Environment 

  • The importance of positioning D&I as a core business value 
  • We know a truly diverse workforce improves productivity, performance, creativity – how has sharing your D&I initiatives boosted brand reputation, marketability and profitability

Ericka Brownlee-Keller, Head of DEI, Enviva 

Andreas Schmitz, Chief People & Culture Advocate, NanoTemper Technologies 

Susan Schmidlkofer, Global Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, UPS

The Power of Digitalization to Improve Diversity 

  • Practical experiences and insights
  • How to motivate individuals and organizations to think for themselves 
  • How to invest in digitalization and technology to foster diversity and create more opportunities for yourself
  • Recruitment and hiring 

Adya Kumar, Podcast Host, The ‘Digitalization & Diversity’ Podcast

Fostering Employee Wellbeing and Belonging

Understanding ‘Belonging’ in the Workplace

  • Understanding ‘Belonging’: What it means
  • The impact of belonging when you get it right
  • How to integrate experiences of belonging in a more meaningful way in workplace culture 

Anna Mouchref, Head of Culture and Diversity, Siemens Digital Industries

Panel Discussion: Mental Health in the Workplace: Going Beyond Compliance

  • How has the move to a hybrid workforce impacted mental health, and what are the ways in which we can adapt existing programmes or strategies to avoid mental health issues?

Moderated by: Leroy Bellingy, Change Portfolio Controller, NOW 

Priyanka Joshi, Chair of Equality and Diversity Group, Priory 

Felizitas Lichtenberg, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, SumUp

Panel Discussion: Keeping Employee Wellbeing at the Top of the Agenda

  • Why wellbeing is a key driver for diversity and inclusion 
  • Why and how it can be measured 
  • What metrics are essential for success?

Josephina Smith, HR Thought Leader, People Director 

Sophie Coulthard, Co-Founder, AxioGrow

Creating a Diverse Organisation Internally and Right Across Your Supply Chain

  • How inherent bias compromises all efforts at DE&I
  • Why it’s essential to ensure diversity exists up and down the supply chain 

Colette Holt, General Counsel, American Compliance Association

Introduction to Intersectionality: Existing at the Intersections of Disability and LGBTQ+ 

  • Understanding the many factors which define us and why every individual is different
  • Why considering DEI from an intersectional lens is essential

Mark Travis Rivera, Senior Business Manager, Hummingbird Humanity

The Future of Work 

  • Defining a successful diversity, equity and inclusion strategy across your organisation
  • How to implement your plan, step by step
  • Catering for increased flexibility and hybrid working
  • Understanding the trends which will affect your organisation in the future

Danielle Rutigliano, VP, Talent Acquisition Bitly 

DAY TWO: Wednesday 5th October 2022

Leveraging the Power of Difference

Belonging Belongs to Everyone

  • An introduction to the Valuable 500 and the companies that have pledged to put the needs of disabled individuals at the centre of business strategy
  • Why it is important for disability inclusion to be prioritised from the top of a company downwards

Caroline Casey, Founder, The Valuable 500

Keynote Interview: Confronting Inequality in the Workplace Head On

  • What power do DEI Directors really have? What more needs to be done to enable them to have more influence in their organisations?
  • Enabling employer best practice that aligns with the principals and values that shape and underpin the CRPD/ Article 27

Susan Scott Parker, Disability Activist, Founder, Scott-Parker International and Founder, Business Disability International

Engaging the Workforce Effectively: How Improve your ERGs 

  • How the roles and responsibilities of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in organisations must transition from social networks to think-tank type groups that directly impact the business
  • Keeping members engaged and redefining your engagement model, helping members advance their careers

Kate Nash OBE, CEO, Purple Space

Disability Inclusion and Accessibility

Panel Discussion: The European Accessibility Act

  • The European Accessibility Act: What is it? 
  • How will European Law affect other countries? 
  • Why is it a landmark act? 
  • What has it achieved? 
  • What can it achieve? 

Yves Veulliet, EMEA Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Leader, Kyndryl 

Dr Desire Chiwandire, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) 

Yahye Siyad, Diversity and Accessibility Lead, Cyber-Duck

Developing a Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategy for Neurodiverse Colleagues

  • Identifying key challenges when the organisation operates around the world
  • Navigating different types of neurodiversity
  • Creating a standard for workplace inclusivity
  • Ensuring a safe and productive working environment for all employees 

Michael Vermeersch, Accessibility Manager, Microsoft

Accessibility: From Afterthought to Action

  • What is accessibility?
  • Key aspects of a consistent, practical application of accessibility
  • Case studies – what does good look like

Guerman Cope, Digital Consultant, Home Office 

Championing a Neurodiverse Workforce 

  • Ways in which employers and individuals can support and empower neurodivergent colleagues
  • Recognising the business benefits of fostering a diverse workforce, where diversity is a fundamental, valued and embedded component of its culture and identity

Dr Jonathan Vincent, Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University

Panel Discussion: How Neurodivergent Employees Can Boost Your Company’s Productivity

  • How being aware of the strengths and challenges of various neurodiverse conditions can help you better support a neurodiverse workforce
  • Discover how hiring and investing in neurodiverse individuals improve your business

Daisy Rogers, Top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women of 2022 & Founder, Liberally

Helen Needham, Founder, Me.Decoded 

Grace Bolton, Management Consultant, EY

Panel Discussion: How Can We Support Disabled Colleagues as Role Models?

  • Why are there so few visible role models, particularly at senior levels?
  • ‘You can’t be what you can’t see’ – is the lack of role models having an impact on talented individuals not progressing to senior positions?
  • What can we do to ensure that diverse talent can see they can progress and succeed at the most senior levels?

With Dom Hyams, Head of Strategy, Purple Goat Agency

Christina Ryan, CEO / Founder, Disability Leadership Institute

An Employee’s Perspective on Neurodiversity Inclusion  

  • Reflections on what it is like to live and work with a neurodiverse condition
  • Overcoming fears in the workplace and the importance of ensuring an accommodating environment to encourage neurodiverse individuals to ‘come out’ and speak up to get the help that they need

Dominic Kennell, Consultant, The Diversity Standards Collective

Panel Discussion: Increasing Accessibility: Why Ignoring This Topic Isn’t Good for Business

  • Why accessibility and disability inclusion are a vital and needed element of any diversity and inclusion approach
  • How to harness the talent of the 1 in 5 people who are disabled and build create truly inclusive workplaces

Moderator: Lena Riley, Legal Content Policy Manager, LinkedIn 

Allan MacKillop, Disability Lead
, BBC 

Fiona Demark, Department of Transport, Victoria, Australia and runner-up The Holman Prize

Katherine Lewis, Accessibility Champion and UX Engineer, LinkedIn

Track A: Driving an Inclusive Work Culture

Johnson & Johnson: Empowering the Workforce Through ERGs

Detailing Johnson & Johnson’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) which create initiatives out of shared identities and experiences, to create value for all

Sam Whiting, General Manager UK & Ireland, Surgical Vision,  Johnson & Johnson

Sahar Shepperd, Legal Director, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices UK & Ireland and Lead for U.K. ERG for diversity and ethnicity, Johnson & Johnson

Leveraging the Power of Difference

  • Why good intentions and being nice to people are not enough – real diversity is about change
  • Why it’s our differences and how we combine them that creates true diversity and generates innovation, fresh thinking and ultimately, success

Simon Fanshawe OBE, former Co-Founder, Stonewall and Co-Founder, Diversity By Design

Panel Discussion: Taking Your ERG to the next level

  • Elevating ERGs to a core business value – not only D&I activity but overall business strategy

Moderator: Anthony Eaton, Freelance writer and HR Manager, Point 2 Point  

Anna Chan, Founder & Director,
Asian Leadership Collective

Caroline Fox, Global EDI Strategy Lead, Tenth Revolution Group 

Curtis Baker, APAC Regional Inclusion & Diversity Lead, Dow

Case Study: Representation – Why Taking Up Space Matters Making Your Presence Felt –  How to get the most out of Ethnic Minority Focused Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

  • Why employers should set up an ERG specifically for black and ethnic minority groups
  • Ensure their voices are heard – and listened to
  • Contribute to the implementation of the broader DE&I strategy

Dionne Maxwell, Head of Diversity, Belonging and Talent, Jungle Creations

Establishing Inclusive Leadership Within Your Organisation

  • Why being an inclusive leader is more critical now than ever
  • Leading with inclusivity: from hiring to engaging, developing and leading people, attracting and retaining talent and serving communities 
  • Building cultural competence
  • How to be an ally and increase awareness of your biases

Dwayne Smith, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader and Anti-Racism Educator

Rebuilding Productive and Resilient Workplaces: How Far Have We Come? 

  • As we move towards the future, it’s crucial to ensure our leaders play their part in enabling resilience
  • As we reimagine the world of work, what should we do differently this time around? 
  • What’s no longer serving us. What fits, and what doesn’t? What helps, and what hinders?  

Ilka Schoellmann, International Labour Organization

Panel Discussion: Accessibility Snapshot from Asia

  • How NGOs and governments are stepping up to support disabilities in Asia 

Moderator: Florence Chan, Founder, Hong Kong Disabilities Network 

With representatives from the Hong Kong Disabilities Network and Singapore Disability Professionals Network including:

Theresa Goh, Paralympian swimmer and disability inclusion advocate, Singapore

Jonathan Mok, Organiser, Hong Kong Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Awareness Week  

Track B: Beyond the Great Resignation

Recruiting Well: Top Tips For Fairer Recruitment

  • From writing inclusive job ads and communicating your policy and implementing blind hiring practices, there is so much we can do to ensure that all applicants are given a fair and equal chance
  • Key management practices which will lead to better candidates coming forward and better hiring results and greater longevity of employees.

Asif Sadiq MBE, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Warner Bros. Discovery

Strategies for Engaging Senior Leaders and Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) for EDI Change

  • Addressing inequalities with trust and credibility
  • How to move to action after engagement and the key role of senior leadership in this process
  • Project management and EDI

Leslie Cove, Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Research, International & Commercialization, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Panel Discussion: The Great Resignation: How to Attract and Retain Talent

  • Best recruitment practices for a diverse workforce  
  • How to tap into previously overlooked and underserved talent pools to meet workforce demands

Devi Virdi, Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Centrica 

Lena Patel, Chief External Affairs Officer, Responsible Business Initiative  

Sunita Harley, Inclusion Consultant, Collective Insight

Learning and Development to Boost Inclusive Culture

  • Ways to build more inclusive learning into L&D from training and development for individuals and the whole business both at home and globally 
  • Ensuring all your learning professionals are confident about DEI
  • Reconsidering methods of learning such as videos, collaboration, discussion groups, fireside chats, and roundtables 

Aaron McCarter, Learning Manager – Fulfilment & Operations, Gousto

How to Develop a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy that is Right for your Business – and has Impact

  • Developing and implementing a fully integrated and holistic diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy. 
  • Detailing the process, the challenges, the successes and the impact of the strategy within the organisation as well as the wider communities amongst 5,500 UK employees and 40,000 global employees

Jenn Barnett, People & Culture Director & Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Sustainability, Grant Thornton

DAY THREE: Thursday 6th October 2022

Fostering Inclusion Throughout Your Organisation

LGBTQ+ and Gender Focus

Increasing Visibility of LGBTQ+ Role Models in the Workplace

  • Why it is so important to have openly LGBTQ+ leaders acting as role models to ensure a diverse future pipeline
  • How can having visible role models impact upon LGBTQ+ employees’ wellbeing and career development, allowing them to bring their full selves to work?

Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett, former Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate and Vice President of External Relations (Voluntary), Federation of Gay Games.

Intersectionality and Building Programmes with Everyone in Mind

  • Focusing on addressing the needs of our employees across their multiple identities
  • Taking a more holistic approach to DEI to ensure that all demographics are well provided for
  • Utilising ENGs collaborate to generate intersectional discussion and programming

Sarah Fennell, Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Macquarie Group

Panel Discussion: Tackling the LGBTQ Wage Gap

A decade after graduation, college-educated workers in the US who self-identify as LGBTQ+ earn 22 per cent less than their heterosexual cisgender counterparts. A year after graduation, the earnings gap was 12 percent.

  • Why is there an LGBTQ+ wage gap? 
  • What can be done about it? 

Marie-Helene Tyack, Global Diversity & Inclusion Business Partner and Chair of the Allianz Global Pride Board, Allianz 

Gurchaten Sandhu, Director of Programmes, ILGA World

Benefits of Applying Intersectional Feminism in the Workplace

  • Sharing cutting-edge research into intersectional feminism
  • Applying intersectional feminism in the workplace to provide more opportunity for women of all ages and stages
  • Practical solutions for the workplace to aid gender equality and equal opportunity

Dr Kristie Drucza, former United Nations UNDP Gender and Inclusive Community Climate Change Consultant and CEO, Includovate

Towards Gender Parity in Women in Mining

  • A short overview of the mining sector 
  • What has been achieved in terms of gender parity and how?
  • What further progress is to be made?
  • Who is doing it right? 

Alex Atkins, Non Executive Director, ASX

Tania Cecconi, Program Director, Champions of Change Coaltion

Racial Focus

Championing Racial Equity in the Workplace

  • Celebrating the two-year anniversary of the launch of our Black Lives Action Plan
  • How continued focus to Black heritage inclusion has resulted in demonstrable change
  • Achieving the launch of KPMG’s Allyship programme, matching 240 Black heritage colleagues with allies for the for the purposes of mentoring, coaching and sponsorship, leading to 41% of mentees being promoted

Senda Kavindele, Interim Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity and Black Leadership Director, KPMG 

Towards a Racially Equitable Workplace

  • The difference between equality and equity
  • Racial equity and anti-racism
  • How do we build and maintain organizations that are rooted in racial equity and anti-racism?

Jennifer Mak, Human Rights and Equity Strategist

Panel Discussion: Working Towards a Racially Just Workforce 

  • How can companies create a safe and equitable work environment for Black and people of colour, free from bias – what actions need to be implemented?

Moderator: Dr Lulu, CEO, Dr Lulu’s Life Coaching Lounge

Omar Ahmed, Business Process Optimisation Manager,

Audry Bron, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Global Communication Expert, Bontekoning & Bron., (The Netherlands)   

Tackling Racism in Academia

  • The issue of racism in higher education  
  • Why is it still happening?
  • What can be done about it 

With Dr Antija M. Allen and Justin T Stewart, Authors of ‘We’re Not OK: Racism in Academia’

Panel Discussion: How to Launch a Black Action Plan 

  • What is the impact of racial stereotypes and how can they be overcome in the workplace? 

Moderator: Letícia Oladele, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Assistant Manager and Social Mobility Network Committee Member at KPMG

Chris Armstrong, Co-Owner, Veritas Culture

Aggie Mutuma, CEO, Mahogany Inclusion Partners

Wil Lewis, Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Experian

Black Belonging

  • How to stamp out racism and foster inclusion and belonging for all within the workplace

With Cat Wildman, Co-Founder, Global Equality Collective 

Dawn Morton-Young, Director, The Diverse Leaders Coach

Communications for an Inclusive Workplace

  • Promoting inclusivity through communications and employee communications
  • Opening up new opportunities for people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Serving those employees battling illness themselves or in their family and living with a disability

Amy Thomas, Communications Manager, BOQ, and Board Member, Variety

Redefining DEIB from the Bathroom to the Boardroom

  • LBGTQ+ discrimination in the workplace and community, especially with the TGI community
  • Gender-neutral environments (pronouns and practical tips to interactive effectively with the TGI individuals

Celia Daniels, Mangement Consultant and LGBTQ Top Voice LinkedIn Top 10, Rebekon Consulting

Social Mobility in Early Talent

  • Why social mobility requires a shift in mindset from employers
  • How to champion the disruptive radical thinking necessary to ensure progression is not determined by privilege
  • Identifying the barriers to entry from those from under-privileged backgrounds and overcoming them – what employers can do

Clare Addy, Head of Partnerships, Causeway Education

Tackling Unconscious Bias Within the Workforce

  • Women make up just 17% of boards in FTSE100 companies, and only 8% of FTSE100 are Black, Asian or an ethnic minority. Things are far from equal – yet.
  • How can we reverse the impact of unconscious bias in regards to promotions to senior management positions?

With Annika Allen, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, All3Media and Co-Founder, Black Magic Awards

Compassionate Business: A New Way of Thinking

  • Identifying the links between sustainability and kinder business
  • Why business is putting people at the centre rather than profit for the first time

Cecilia Crossley, HR guru and expert and Founder, From Babies with Love

Ask Me Anything: Staff Wellbeing Drop-in Clinic 

  • Top tips and advice for dealing with employee mental health issues at work

Ama Afrifa-Tchie, Head of People, Wellbeing & Equity, Mental Health First Aid England

Panel Discussion: Future of Flexibility: 2022 and Beyond

  • Is the “Hybrid Office” true flexibility — or just the new facetime?
  • What could genuine flexibility look like?
  • How the pandemic deepened the disadvantages of marginalized groups
  • Generational needs: improving the development process

Anna Whitehouse, Creator, Flex Appeal and Founder, Mother Pukka 

Dr Anne Sammon, Employment  Partner, Pinsent Masons  

Lena Tsvetinskaya, Talent Management Senior Director, Europe, PepsiCo