DAY THREE: Thursday 21st October 2021

Together We Are Stronger

Day Three includes Workshops, Discussions, Interviews and Interactive Networking throughout the day, providing key resources, tools, strategies and skills to turn D&I ideas into action.

Practical Strategies to Increase Workforce Support

9:00am  BST

Panel Discussion: Unraveling Complexity and Culture in the New Normal

Join us as we exploring the intersection of culture and inclusion in the workplace at the start of the ‘new normal’. 

Moderator: Joshua Sturtevant, Principal, VP, Chief Technology Officer, RW3 CultureWizard

Ben Delk, Director of Global Programs, Expedia

Putri Realita, Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Danone

Theresa White, Head of Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion, G4S plc
Nicci Take

9:40am  BST

LGBTQ Allyship: A Different Approach 
  • How LGBTQ equality can be tackled with humour
  • Bringing transgender into the boardroom 
  • How to effectively speak to those who are resistant to change  
Nicci Take, Head of Growth (Interim), Mercer, and Chairwoman, m62 Vincis
Lesley Salem new

10:05am  BST

The M Word: Menopause in the Workplace
  • Context: why is menopause a hot topic / why it demands attention in the workplace
  • Demystifying menopause: a quiz to discover more about menopause stages and variances
  • Spotting the signs: a quick tour of the signs but also the benefits of menopause transition
  • Be Menopause Ready: key steps to becoming menopause friendly and case studies
Lesley Salem, Founder, Over The Bloody Moon
Fiona Skinner new

10:35am  BST

The Hidden DEI Issue: Infertility in the Workplace
  • Why infertility is a workplace issue
  • How line managers and HR teams can be empowered to support colleagues
  • Only 17 per cent of businesses have a fertility policy: here’s how to change this in your organisation
  • The business case for building a network of support 
Fiona Skinner, Founder & CEO, The Fertility Coaching Company
Sathya Bala new

11:00am  BST

Connecting Women of Colour

Sathya Bala (She/Her), Founder of My Skin My Story, will share why and how she started a cross-industry community for women of colour to connect, empower and elevate each other, and the impact this has on women of colour at work and beyond.

Sathya Bala (She/Her), Former Head of Global Data Governance at CHANEL & Founder, My Skin My Story
Aaron Morgan

11:30am  BST

Increasing Accessibility in Racing Through Technology

Aaron Morgan shares how Team BRIT have used technology to make racing accessible to all, how these made him feel included and valued, and how he was able to realise his dream to drive a formula car a reality. 

Aaron Morgan, Racing Driver, Team BRIT

12:00pm  BST

Panel Discussion: Taking Your Employee Resource Group to the Next Level
  • How executive sponsors can drive high-performing ERGs – what support, energetically and financially is needed 
  • How proper financial investment in, and senior level engagement with ERGs can improve innovation and performance
  • Elevating ERGs to a core business value – not only D&I activity but overall business strategy
  • How do we ensure that marginalised groups are not further marginalised through being part of an ERG
  • How to engage allies, and deepen allies understanding of the intersectionality of discrimination
Moderator: Sarah Garrett MBE, Founder, SPM Group Ltd and Founder, British LGBT Awards


Gurchaten Sandhu, Non-Discrimination and Equal Pay Programme Officer, International Labour Organisation (ILO) 

Rachna Patel, Director of Reward, Workforce Planning, Diversity & Inclusion, The Walt Disney Company

Ratidzo Starkey, Head of Outreach & Education, Member of the Secretariat, Financial Stability Board (FSB) 

12:45pm  BST

Panel Discussion: How Employees Can Drive D&I Change From The Ground Up 
  • Where does responsibility lie for driving diversity and inclusion – what role should employees themselves play in pushing for change?
  • How to mobilise the wider workforce 
  • How allies can play a key part in ensuring underrepresented groups are heard
Moderator: Rikia Birindelli-Fayne, Senior Director, Corporate Engagement, EMEA, Catalyst


Zaheer Ahmad, Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity for Consumer Healthcare, GSK 

Marta Pajon (she/her), Head of Technical, Inclusion & Diversity, innocent drinks 

Wil Lewis, Chief Diversity Officer, Experian
DE&I Workshops

This afternoon will include a wide range of workshops and meetups, on diverse topics such as Transgender at Work, Inclusive Workplace Design, Unconscious Bias Training and more. A great place to unite those with common aims, bringing them together on the INCLUSION 2021 platform to meet, explore new ideas and make new connections in a constructive environment.

1:00pm  BST (90 mins)

WORKSHOP A: How to Tackle Unconscious Bias

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the why unconscious bias needs to be addressed by organisations that are looking to implement effective D&I strategies. Additionally, we will discuss the barriers that employers face when dealing with unconscious bias, as well as specific actions that can be taken in the short, medium, and long term to both measure attitudinal changes within their organizations and identify the opportunities to drive the diversity conversation in the workplace.

Hosted by Biasproof.

2:30pm  BST (60 mins)

WORKSHOP B: How To Be A LGBTQ+ Champion

At this workshop, discover how you can be a better ally and champion for the LGBTQ+ community in your organisation. 

Dennis Velco is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is a social impact entrepreneur focusing on LGBTQ issues, empowerment, and enablement. In a volunteer role, he launched one of the first LGBTQ professional networking groups on LinkedIn which remains the largest as of Jan 2021 with over 46.5 thousand global members. The LinkedIn group is now branded as OutBüro. In March 2020, Dennis launched OutBüro ( as a robust LGBTQ online community platform focused on professionals of all levels and entrepreneurs.

Hosted by Dennis Velco, Chief Queer Officer, OutBüro

4:00pm  BST (60 mins)

WORKSHOP C: Making the Most of your Female Workforce

  • Addressing imposter syndrome
  • Meetings: how to get everyone to speak up
  • Networking events: how to include everyone including colleagues of faith and ethnic minorities
  • The business case for encouraging confidence and positivity at work

Hosted by Beverley Akufo-Addo, Confidence and Creativity Coach, Vybe365